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Seller Representation

We offer seller representation to assist business owners in their sale of their business. Western Business Brokers act as an intermediary between the seller and potential buyers.

What is Seller Representation?

It's an important service that is offered to assist business owners, and provide expertise in the sales process.
By allowing us to have seller representation means that we will maximize your value, and minimize your stress during the transaction process.

Expertise in Sales

We ensure that the sale of the business is handled properly from start to finish. We market your business, find potential buyers, negotiate offers, and close the deal.

Maximizing Value

We maximize the value of business by properly valuing the business. We negotiate the best possible deal, which results in a higher sale price and overall better terms for the seller.

Managing Process

Selling a business can complex and time-consuming. We will manage the process and ensure that all steps are taken to complete the sale. 


We maintain confidentiality throughout the entire sales process. This ensures that employees, customers, and competitors remain unaware that the business is for sale to prevent negative consequences during the sale. 

Providing expert services to help you maximize your business potential. Maximize Value, Minimize Stress.

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